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Bro Fitwear have launched their very first casual wear line "Bro Urban": the modern style, comfort and personality of the Bro brand are printed in pieces designed to make your day uncomplicated. After all, an independent women needs practicality and freedom of movement to conquer her challenges.Experience the pleasure of dressing Bro Urban and feel more free than ever!

Casual wear

Jogger Red Velvet
R1,480.00 R1,110.00
Red Velvet Jumper
R1,395.00 R1,046.25
Benefit Skirt
R850.00 R637.50
Cropped Metallic
R580.00 R435.00
Short Metallic
R745.00 R558.75
Comfy Jumpsuit Black
R1,206.00 R904.50
Comfy Jumpsuit Army Green
R1,206.00 R904.50
Regatta Nevada
R620.00 R465.00
Nevada Hoodie
R1,030.00 R772.50
Nevada joggers
R1,180.00 R885.00
Nevada shorts
R837.00 R627.75